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Digital Marketing Kapitol is an Digital marketing agency started in 2018, and is situated in Johannesburg in South Africa. As an agency we specialize much in the online platforms for marketing and branding of companies and individuals. We understand digital and thus our team is made up of experts in SEO and SEM and content creation just to mention a few. We monitor trends that helps a company to position itself competitively and productively in its niche/broad markets. Most of our team members hold from Higher Certificates to degrees in most of their fields, Ideas flow not from one side but its all team work. We are in this for a long term and if need be in many areas within South Africa And Africa as a whole.

We spent time with family on public holidays and so should you but for other celebrations in the world please subscribe to our calendar.


Digital marketing is a broad term. For others they would refer it as online marketing and still its broad. But what is it? No-matter the term you use between online and digital it all comes back to the usage of electronical gadgets like the smart phones and the computers, even television for marketing purposes.

The ability to track and trace is what makes it more better a form of marketing and adding to that business thrives on the right client base which is a functionality of the digital platforms that are capable to target the right audiences with the right products. 

Possibly you have come across or heard such terms as website, search engine marketing or even IoT. These are just terms we use in the digital world and even in digital/online marketing.

Here at Digital Marketing Kapitol we have and understand these in detail and we offer some of these as our service to individuals,


The power in numbers 

Internet of things

The new way of living 

Machine Learning

Tomorrow today with fascinating technology.

Happy Customer

Our team

Founding member of DMK. A man passionate of growth within small and medium businesses. A holder of Digital marketing and Social media marketing Diplomas. 

G Mhlanga


Having a degree in information and technology, Mr Ogalah have the needed ability to make DMK IT a product here at DMK we are proud of.

R Ogalah

IT director

Branding is what he loves and understand , passionate of seeing massages reaching masses. Capable of seeing potential within markets.

T Chisoko 

Brand Manager