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This is a Digital Marketing Kapitol blog post.

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Now take note once we publish an episode on our podcast channel you can also listen to it on Spotify, Google Podcast, Breaker, Radio Republic and Stitcher for the moment as we add more channels that can be used. Thus as of now you can look forward to more information on digital marketing and other related issues that we shall be discussing that are of benefit and of high value in this digitally conquered world. Don’t you forget that we are humans too that sometimes we will discuss some social issues just to help each other to be a better nation and individuals in this world.

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As of now this is a piece of advice that we shared on our podcast that you can listen to on this link:

We just say a few words on what is called Search Engine Optimization or SEO in short. We hope you will enjoy this piece of advice. Any questions are welcome. Sharing is caring and so you are very welcome to share with your friends this small advice. cheers, be blessed.