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Marketing shifts.

No matter how much you don’t trust the internet but the truth is; It is taking over the  marketing industry and in some other people’s standards it have made the traditional marketing somewhat obsolete. Majority of the businesses, services, products and mostly anything are found on the mobile devices, just a push of the buttons.
But as easy as it sounds that you are online and you have a host of followers, it’s not knew for us to hear the cries for sales from many businesses that are online. The competition is rife and for those small businesses trying to provide what other big companies are providing on a string budget, using the online services still eludes them.
So how can your clients find you, trust and believe you without you falling into the internet hoaxes or be considered one? More so how can they know about you in the bucket of sand you are in? You are like that single speck of sand and we know you want to be known and be recognized with your services or products.
Digital Marketing Kapitol (DMK) is what you need and want at the same time for you to be seen by those you are trying to reach/get to. Our clientele is always on the basis to be known who they are and what they do when they come to use. Though we might have to start with you with the small things like your social media presents and participation , we prefer to do more for you and take your business to the next level.
Like this Dating, Proposals, Marriage and then Happily ever after!
Since we provide these services we do try our best to get you the authority that you should showcase and the authenticity needed in some if not all your services. Some of our clients after downloading images from the internet found themselves with lawsuits and some got banned to use the online services. What a tragedy.
So, see this as a small speck of our genius, in-house we have digital photographers, content writes etc, and we are willing to do the best for you to get that right picture without you being exposed to lawsuits or Facebook jail, lol. Before you waste millions on what you don’t actually need to do your business, why not set a meeting with us.
You have heard of “branding”, do you really know what that means or it’s one of the fancy words that marketers would throw in your face? How can you use the digital space to brand yourself, your company, your products, your services, whatever you want branded? The shortest answer is Digital Marketing Kapitol (DMK). The longer version is you calling the wrong branders out there and after a great wastage then coming out to us.
And oh! for the right meaning of the word (branding, branded) you have to see us in action while we work with you.
We have many in-house services that will make you digital presence pay back, give you the clients that you have been wishing for.
Now the question is, What are you waiting for?


Women Digitalizing



Its not a man’s world alone but its even for women. It have many opportunities to offer and we love that. Among the opportunities that women can use and can be operated from anyway in the world, including in the comforts of their home is blogging. This is a form of communicating with the communities that we live in, sharing ideas, knowledge and insights, news and so much more. Women all over the world in their busy schedule have started making extra income for their household by blogging and some other forms of digital ways of doing business. What bout you?


Find a perfect working Spot

We all want a good place were one can focus and perform at there best and use that place to be creative. Sometimes places that do have much traffic will do, some with traffic will do depending on who you are and what you want to achieve.

Like photographers who want some pictures of a busy place with a lot of people moving around, thus they need a place that can do that or offer those needs. from coffee shops that offer free Wi-Fi to ready set small office spaces and in between educational facilities like the libraries can be perfect spot for one to work in. I would love to throw in parks but with the criminal activities on rife it would mean being selective of the parks or just ditching the whole idea for one’s bedroom.


Blessed be you if you are in town for most of the facilities that I mentioned above are available. Good news is that like the coffee shops around, as long as they can permit you to use their facilities it would be wise to buy some coffee and muffins as you use such places. Though not every coffee shop would provide free Wi-Fi, thus one would have to have own portable Wi-Fi router or simply use your smart phone as a hotspot.


Right here in Johannesburg if you are not up to coffee shops then you might use Regus business facilities, They do provide business cubicles that one can use as an office and you might have to book up a space as they are many who are now booking and using these small space for business. Regus does also provide meeting rooms that one can use for such.


I use Planet fitness gym for fitness programs but since I am a member there I have realized that they do offer the freedom to do personal work using there Wi-Fi which I think is meant for the members of the gym. Another thing that I saw are computer that are within the facilities that are basically to be used by the members for work purposes.


So finding a great spot for working here in South Africa is getting better by the day.

I just thought it would be a good thought to share.